Street Orphan combines insightful political commentary with personal introspection, demonstrating an impressive diversity. His wordplay will have you pressing rewind, and his tongue twisting, multisyllabic flow would make Pun proud. He is the last of a dying breed of true lyricists.

Published on 28 Sep 2016 once again street orphan has posted A song about the profound divisions in society stoked up by politics and regionalism, putting across the notion that common humanity should embrace irrespective of race or religion. We need a revolution of thought, and the rap revolution is here to give the public that we give you open your eyes listen and let your views and comments be known peace

Verbal anthology is a track with nothing but deep intellectual bars straight from the uk underground rap scene with no glitz and glamour nothing fake just raw footage of the wilderness of mother nature so subscribe now and leave comments. support the movement peace!!!!!!!


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